zombie dance band (zombiedisco101) wrote in 50wordstory,
zombie dance band

"quiet fire"

So it's raining. I'm a boy waiting for a cab. There's a girl who makes my heart dance, waiting next to me.

"You're beautiful," I say.

"You're wrong," she answers and rides off.

Later, alone in bed, I play it back. I'm not wrong. She's quiet fire to the dream.

20120309 01:14 Fri (50 words)
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This sounds a lot like mine.....!
- uh-huh; a response to, and opening-for-a-response-back-from, you; parallel boy-girl stories, one interaction, two povs; like a non-competitive game of word tennis, with 50-word balls, being as this lj comm has gone so ghost-town quiet

- and, one last add-on -- your word counter link counts this, broken here into 5, 10-word groups, as 52 words; ???

"Arms Are For Hugging" -- a bumper sticker we saw several

years ago in a junkyard, on the rear-end panel of

a '60s VW van, leaned against a rusting-stack of other

junk. It was like seeing a clear picture of where

and when the h. sapes evolution choo-choo went off track.
i think it's because when you write something like rear-end, even if it's with a hyphen it counts it as two words. and i'm not sure how it counted out the phrase a '60s VW van. that might be a little confusing for a word counter?

okay so i just counted and it comes out to 52 if you count word-word as two words and don't count '60s as a word because i don't think it counts numbers as a word.
thanks for replying; I can see how word counting could be confusing for any 1-2, base-two, software, and I sympathize; all the words confuse me, and not just in the how they "add up," or "count" for meaning something; I'm sure, at night, when I'm fast asleep, the words spill out of my dictionary and romp around the house, like party-munchkins
I don't think anyone will mind if you're over by a few words.